How to Use Social Media

How to Use Social Media

So you decided to create a Facebook account for your business, organization or family
And maybe a twitter profile too,
And even created an You Tube channel,
And made sure you are on Instagram.

Now you are everywhere.
But you are all alone. Where is everybody?

You are asking yourself: What did I do wrong?

Social Media success is not magical or random. It follows its own rules:

Social Media is not about being everywhere. It’s about being there for a reason. First define your mission, then create your concept. 

Social Media is a conversation, it’s there to connect. Your Social Media cannot always be about you. No one will keep talking to you if it’s all and only about you.  Listen to your followers, figure out what they are interested in, and make it more about that. Excite your audience.

Nobody likes silence.  Always reply timely to the comments.

What happens on the internet stays there forever. Think twice before responding to an offensive or inappropriate comment.

Don’t try to be everywhere. Different networks are for different purposes. Even if everyone is there it does not mean you have to be there too. Get your priorities right. 

Ask for help if you need it.

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